Install a License API Key

Learn how to install a license API key.
The license API key can be used to activate, change, or deactivate a license. This procedure applies for a VM-Series firewall or Panorama deployment.
You must have Super User privileges to retrieve the license API key from the Customer Support Portal and use the CLI to install the key on the firewall or Panorama.
On Panorama, when you install a license API key Panorama pushes the API key to its managed devices. If the managed device has an API key installed, Panorama overwrites the old API key with the new one.
  1. Retrieve the license API key from the Customer Support Portal.
    1. Log in to the Customer Support Portal.
    2. Select
      Licensing API
    3. Copy the API key.
  2. Use the CLI to install the API key copied in the previous step. Paste the key into the request:
    request license api-key set key
  3. (optional)
    To replace a license deactivation API key, use the following CLI command to delete an installed API key.
    request license api-key delete
    If you delete the API key you must install another license deactivation key before you can deactivate licenses.

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