Use the Licensing API

The base URI for accessing the licensing API is; based on the task you want to perform, for example activate licenses, deactivate licenses, or track license use—the URL will change.
An API request must use the HTTP POST method, and you must include the API key in the apikey HTTP request header and pass the request parameters as URL-encoded form data with
content-type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
The API Version is optional and can include the following values—0 or 1. If specified, it must be included in the
HTTP request header. The current API version is 1; if you do not specify a version, or specify version 0, the request uses the current API version.
All API responses are represented in json.
Before you begin, get your Licensing API key and copy it to your local drive. This is required before you can perform any of the following tasks:

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