Provision Panorama

Use the CSP to provision Panorama form Software NGFW credits deployment profile view.
This option is only visible if you selected Panorama when the deployment profile was created. You can edit the profile, if necessary.
  1. Select
    Software NGFW Credits
    and click the
    button on the credit pool you used to create your profile.
  2. On the far right, select the vertical ellipsis (More Options) and select
    Provision Panorama
    , and
    . You see the list of firewalls provisioned for the current deployment profile.
    This creates a Panorama, assigns a serial number and the model type PAN-PRA-1000-CP, and registers the Panorama as an asset. The Panorama you just provisioned is the last Panorama listed. Note the auth code starts with F (so it is not the same as the deployment profile), but the expiration date is the same as your profile’s credit pool.
    Copy the serial number.
  3. From the deployment profile,
    View Devices
    , and select
    on the Software NGFW Devices page. This displays all SW NGFW Panoramas.
    Search By
    serial number using the serial number you copied.
    You can also select
    Software NGFW Devices
    Search By
    serial number with the serial number you copied.

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