VM-50 Lite Mode

Learn how the VM-50 license can be used in Lite mode, which requires 4GB of memory rather than 4.5GB.
The standard VM-50, while the smallest model of the VM-Series, requires more resources than are available in some environments. The VM-50 Lite mode provides an alternative for environments where hardware resources are constrained. The VM-50 Lite requires 4.5GB of memory instead of the 5.5GB required by the standard VM-50. The VM-50 Lite uses the same license as the standard VM-50 but comes up in Lite mode when allocated 4.5GB of RAM.
  • In high availability deployments, both VM-Series firewalls must both be licensed as a VM-50 Lite to avoid capacity mismatch issues. In the case of a capacity license mismatch, the VM-50 (non-Lite) is considered to have a higher capacity; the VM-50 becomes non-functional while the VM-50 Lite remains functional.
  • The VM-50 Lite does not support jumbo frames; the VM-50 and VM-50 Lite do not support WildFire inline ML.

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