VM-Series Firewall for NSX-V

The VM-Series firewall for NSX-V is the VM-Series firewall that is deployed on the ESXi hypervisor. The integration with the NetX API makes it possible to automate the process of installing the VM-Series firewall directly on the ESXi hypervisor, and allows the hypervisor to forward traffic to the VM-Series firewall without using the vSwitch configuration; it therefore, requires no change to the virtual network topology.
The VM-Series firewall for NSX-V only supports virtual wire interfaces. On this firewall, ethernet 1/1 and ethernet 1/2 are bound together through a virtual wire and use the NetX dataplane API to communicate with the hypervisor. Layer 2 or Layer 3 interfaces are neither required nor supported on the VM-Series firewall for NSX-V, and therefore no switching or routing actions can be performed by the firewall. For enabling traffic separation in a multi-tenancy environment, you can create additional zones that internally map to a pair of virtual wire subinterfaces on the parent virtual wire interfaces, ethernet 1/1 and ethernet 1/2.

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