: Known Issues in Common Services: Subscription and Tenant Management

Known Issues in Common Services: Subscription and Tenant Management

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Known Issues in
Common Services
: Subscription and Tenant Management

Learn about the known issues related to
Common Services
: Subscription and Tenant Management.
These are the issues we’re currently working on. If no issues are listed, then there are no outstanding known issues. You can also check known issues for Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal, Identity and Access, and Device Associations.
If you receive an activation email to amend your Prisma Access license, you need to select the same single tenant or multitenant option that you chose for the original net-new Cloud-managed or Panorama-managed license activation.
The functionality does not change automatically when you switch from a single tenant to a multitenant (or from multitenant to single tenant), then you go to the subscriptions tab in the UI. You have to close the browser and reopen a new session or you have to log out and log in again to see the new view in the subscriptions tab.
When converting firewalls that are licensed for IoT Security from an IoT Security subscription that doesn't require a data lake to one that does, Cortex Data Lake log storage will not automatically be enabled for them.
: To enable log storage for firewalls after the license conversion, you must move firewalls to the appropriate data lake instance within the Cortex Data Lake application. For instructions, see Start Sending Logs to a New Cortex Data Lake Instance.
When integrating IoT Security in a hybrid environment with Prisma Access and next-generation firewalls, it’s not possible to activate IoT Security as a Prisma Access add-on after you onboard firewalls with an IoT Security, Doesn’t Require Data Lake subscription.
: Activate the IoT Security add-on license on Prisma Access first and then onboard firewalls with an IoT Security, Doesn't Require Data Lake subscription.

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