Configure VPN Keep-Alives for Secure Fabric Links

Let us learn to configure VPN Keep-Alives for Secure Fabric Links.
  1. From
    , select a branch site and click
    Overlay Connections
  2. Select an overlay from either
    , or
  3. On
    Secure Fabric Link
    screen, click the edit icon and select the
    Enable VPN Configs
    check box.
  4. For
    Keep-Alive Failure Count
    , enter a value between 3 and 30.
    The keep-alive failure count indicates the number of consecutive missed keep-alive packets before a link is declared as down. The default value is 3.
  5. For
    Keep-Alive Interval
    , enter a value between 100 ms and 600000 ms.
    The keep-alive interval indicates the time interval in milliseconds between two VPN keep-alive packets. The default value is 1000 ms.
  6. Click

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