Add a Data Center

Learn how to add a data center in Prisma SD-WAN.
An enterprise may have one or more branches within a network. As part of creating a data center, you can select a default domain and policy set, set up WAN networks, circuit categories, circuit labels, and circuit specifications.
  1. Add a site on the
    1. Enter basic information for the site and click
  2. Configure the
    of site.
    1. Select
      Data Center
      to configure a branch site and click
    2. Select
      Configure Data Center Groups After Creation
  3. Click
  4. Click
    to proceed to configure circuits for the site.
    Policies apply to branch site only. Circuit categories are used in policy rules to identify paths allowed for an application. By default, there are a few pre-defined circuit categories in the system that you may use when you configure the site. You can edit these labels or rename any of the remaining categories through Circuit Categories under Stacked Policies or Network Policies (Original).
  5. Click
    and verify the details of the newly added data center and then
    Save & Exit
    You can view the summary of the newly added data center.
    You do not need to activate your data center at this time. Activate your data center only when you deploy Prisma SD-WAN in the Control mode. When both the branch and the data center are activated, VPN tunnels will be created automatically between the branch and the data center.
    You can use an ION 7000 and ION 9000 device at the data center.

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