Enable Data Masking

Configure data masking on SaaS Security API to control the exposure of data displayed in an incident snippet.
SaaS Security API uses data masking to mask the data in the snippets. Data masking enables you to control how SaaS Security API stores and displays sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or Social Security numbers, to the administrator and other non-privileged users who can view the snippet of content matched as an incident.
By default, SaaS Security API displays the last four digits of the value in clear text (partial masking). For example, SaaS Security API displays a snippet of credit card number as
. You can specify that SaaS Security API display values in clear text (no masking) or fully mask the data to hide all the values.
Because the Data Masking setting applies to all cloud apps on SaaS Security API, you must be an administrator with a Super Admin role or Admin role with access to all apps to modify this setting.
  1. Specify the storage and reporting of sensitive data by SaaS Security API.
    For financial and PII policy rules, SaaS Security API displays a snippet of 100 bytes of content before and after the violation.
    Cloud Apps & Scan Settings
    • Do not mask
      —Displays all the values in clear text.
    • Partial Mask
      —Displays only the last four digits in clear text.
    • Full mask
      —Does not display any values.
  2. Save the changes.
    your changes.

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