Begin Scanning a Slack for Pro and Business App

Authorize SaaS Security API to connect to Slack for Pro and Business to scan all content shared within the app.
To connect Slack Pro and Business to SaaS Security API and begin scanning assets, you need to:
If you have Slack Enterprise Grid plan, you must onboard using the Slack Enterprise Grid app instead.
  • Ensure that you have an Slack administrator account.
  • Grant SaaS Security API access to Slack.
  • Add the Slack Pro and Business app to SaaS Security API, providing SaaS Security API information about your Slack account.
For information on which automated remediation capabilities SaaS Security API supports with Slack Pro and Business, refer to Supported Content, Remediation and Monitoring.

Add Slack Pro and Business App

In order for SaaS Security API to scan assets, you must consent to specific permissions during the course of adding the Slack Pro and Business app.
  1. (
    ) Add your Slack Pro or Slack Business+ domain as an internal domain.
  2. Sign out of all Slack workspaces.
    Doing so ensures that you sign in under the correct account and workspace.
  3. Add the Slack app.
    1. From the
      Add a Cloud App
    2. Select
      Slack Pro and Business
    3. Select
      Connect to Slack Pro and Business Account
    4. Enter your team’s Slack domain/workspace (top-level organization), then
    5. Sign in
      with an administrator account.
    6. Review and
      the requested permissions.
      SaaS Security API requires these permissions to scan your assets on Slack Pro and Slack Business.
      After authentication, SaaS Security API adds the new Slack app to the list of Cloud Apps as Slack n, where n is the number of Slack app instances that you have connected to SaaS Security API. You’ll specify a descriptive name soon.
  4. (
    ) Give a descriptive name to this app instance.
    1. Select the Slack n link on the Cloud Apps list.
    2. Enter a descriptive
      to differentiate this instance of Slack from other instances.
    3. Click
      to save your changes.
  5. Start scanning the new Slack app for incidents.
    1. Select
      Cloud Apps & Scan Settings
    2. In the Cloud Apps row that corresponds to the new Slack app, select
      Start Scanning
  6. During the discovery phase, as SaaS Security API scans files and matches them against enabled policy rules.
    Verify that your default policy rules are effective. If the results don’t capture all risks or you see false positives, improve your results.

Identify Risks

When you add a new cloud app, SaaS Security API automatically scans the cloud app against the default data patterns and displays the match occurrences. You can take action now to improve your scan results and identify risks.
  1. (
    ) Modify match criteria for existing policy rules.
  2. (
    ) Add new policy rules.
    Consider the business use of your app, then identify risks unique to your organization. As necessary, add new:
  3. (
    ) Configure or edit a data pattern.
    You can Configure Data Patterns to identify specific strings of text, characters, words, or patterns to make it possible to find all instances of text that match a data pattern you specify.

Fix Slack Pro and Business App Onboarding Issues

The most common issues related to adding or accessing Slack Enterprise Grid app are as follows:
When you attempt to log in to your Slack administrator account during the onboarding process, an authorization error is returned:
Something went wrong when authorizing SaaS Security API for Slack
You have a Slack workspace open in your browser for a workspace other than the workspace associated with the administrator account that you’re using to onboard the Slack Pro and Business app or the administrator account isn’t an administrator.
Log out of all Slack workspaces and verify that you are an administrator for that Slack account that you’re using to onboard the Slack Pro and Business app.

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