SaaS Security Report

Learn about the real-time data available in the SaaS Security Report to help you assess risks posed by unsanctioned SaaS apps.
The SaaS Security Report provides a snapshot of SaaS application usage with advanced aggregated data and views. Use the SaaS Security Report to assess the risks associated with your SaaS applications and take action to reduce your organization’s business and security risks. This report serves as a communication tool between your SaaS security team and executive management. You can share this on-demand PDF report with your SaaS security team for a periodic check-in, or email the report to your executives to highlight the SaaS applications in use in your organization and the security risks they pose.
The report includes the following summary information for the SaaS applications in your network:
  • Overall SaaS application, user, and usage metrics for SaaS applications that are in use in your organization, including risk distribution and SaaS application traffic.
  • Categories with the most usage.
  • Most risky SaaS applications.
  • Unsanctioned and tolerated SaaS applications with highest volume usage.
  • SaaS applications with the least number of users.
All reports are emailed as pdf attachments. For performance reasons, there is a limit to the number of reports you can generate: each administrator can generate 10 reports per day. If you reach this limit, wait one day for your report limit to reset. You can delete the reports you generate, but doing so does not reset your report limit. The web interface displays all reports generated by all administrators, and you can download any report created by another administrator; if an existing report’s timeframe meets your reporting needs, consider using that report before generating a new one. SaaS Security Inline does not automatically purge any reports.

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