Manage the Licensing API Key

To get the API key required to use the licensing API, your account must have super user privileges on the support portal. The same key is used to activate and deactivate the license.
The expiration date of the API key is the same date as that of the latest subscription in your support account. If you renew your current subscriptions and need to reset the expiration date of the API key, you can either regenerate a key (and replace the existing key with this new key wherever you've used it) or contact Palo Alto Networks support for help with extending the term of your existing API key.
  1. Get your Licensing API key.
    1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Support portal with an account that has super user privileges.
    2. Select
      API Key Management
    3. Click
      to view your key and copy it for use. Once you generate a key, the key is enabled until you regenerate or disable it.
  2. Regenerate or revoke the API key.
    1. You can generate a new API key or revoke the use of the key.
      • Click
        to generate a new key. If you suspect that an API key may be compromised, you can generate a new key. Regenerating automatically invalidates the old key.
      • Select
        if you no longer plan to use the key. Disabling the API key revokes it.

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