VM-Series Enterprise License Agreement (Multi-Model ELA)

Learn about the multi-model VM-Series ELA and how it is designed to adapt growth with the security needs in your enterprise.
The VM-Series Enterprise License Agreement (VM-Series ELA) is a one- or three-year comprehensive licensing agreement that enables you to purchase VM-Series firewalls, along with the GlobalProtect, PAN-DB URL Filtering, Threat Prevention, WildFire, and DNS Security subscriptions. It also includes a support entitlement and a device management license for Panorama. The multi-model VM-Series ELA provides simplified license management with a single contract that allows you to deploy any model of the VM-Series firewall that meets your enterprise security needs.
When you purchase the multi-model VM-Series ELA, you forecast the number of firewalls that you’ll need over the term of your subscription. Based on your forecast and an additional allotment that accommodates for future growth, your account on the Customer Support Portal (CSP) is credited with a license token pool that allows you to deploy any model of the VM-Series firewall. Depending on the firewall model and the number of firewalls that you deploy, a specified number of tokens are deducted from your available license token pool. The tokens drawn from your account are calculated based on the value of each firewall model:
  • VM-50—10 tokens
  • VM-100—25 tokens
  • VM-300—50 tokens
  • VM-500—140 tokens
  • VM-700—300 tokens
With the VM-Series ELA, there is no true-up due at the end of the term which means that you are not billed retroactively even if you deploy more firewalls than your original forecast. So, to balance flexibility with accountability, the VM-Series ELA terms of use include a bounded and unbounded period that explains how you can consume tokens and deploy firewalls as the need arises. For details, refer to the ELA terms and conditions. The VM-Series firewalls that you deploy with the VM-Series ELA do not have a perpetual license and on the expiry of the term, you must renew the agreement to extend the support entitlement and get continued access to software and content release updates on the firewalls.
With the ELA administrator role on the CSP, you can transfer or split the licensing tokens among other administrators who belong to different departments with their own CSP accounts. This sharing enables other administrators in your enterprise to deploy the VM-Series firewall on demand as long as they have tokens available in their respective CSP accounts. See Manage VM-Series ELA License Tokens to invite other administrators to share ELA tokens and deploy any model of the VM-Series firewall that meets your enterprise security need. You can also reclaim tokens to remove CSP accounts from the VM-Series ELA if you want to redistribute tokens based on changing organizational needs.

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