Renew VM-Series Firewall License Bundles

Learn about the options on license renewal: renew, forfeit, or opt for a basic bundle.
When your VM-Series firewall bundle licenses are due for renewal, you can log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal and adjust the license quantity to meet your deployment needs. At renewal, you can review your usage trends and based your future needs, pick from the following options:
  • Renew
    —You can opt to renew all licenses as is, or to increase or decrease the licensed quantity. If you decrease the number of licenses you need, you must opt to get a basic bundle for the firewalls you are not renewing, otherwise you will forfeit the portion that you do not renew. If you increase the license quantity, the addition is added to your existing auth code.
  • Change to Basic Bundle
    —If you have a VM-Series bundle 1 or a bundle 2 license that includes subscriptions, you can change to a basic bundle that includes a perpetual capacity license and support entitlement. When you switch to the basic bundle, you retain the VM-Series firewall model that you had previously purchased. All firewalls that are currently deployed and are associated with the existing auth code will continue to function, and the support entitlement will have a new expiration date. For any unprovisioned firewalls, you’ll receive a new auth code that you can use to deploy new instances.
  • Forfeit
    —Relinquish the licenses that you no longer need. If you have deployed the firewalls that you don't want to renew, you need to select the serial number of the instances for which you want to discontinue renewals. You can continue to use these firewall instances with the software and content versions that are currently installed, but your subscriptions and support entitlements are no longer valid. And to forfeit the license of VM-Series firewalls that you have not provisioned, just select the quantity that you want to forfeit.
  1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal with your account credentials.
  2. Select
    VM-Series Auth-Codes
    and find the auth code you want to renew.
    option displays for auth codes that are eligible for renewal.
  3. Click the
    link to select the serial numbers to
    Change to Basic Bundle
    , or
    If you have provisioned the firewall, select the appropriate option in the row that corresponds to the Serial Number. If you have unprovisioned instances of the firewall, select the quantity for each renewal option you choose under
    Unprovisioned VM Renewal Settings
  4. Save
    your changes.
    You will receive an onscreen confirmation that your changes are submitted for processing. After submitting your changes, if you select Renew again, you can view the status of your request against each serial number. If renewal processing has started, and you need to make additional revisions, you will be unable to save changes. For assistance, you can contact the renewals team at

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