: Prisma SD-WAN Application Insights

Prisma SD-WAN Application Insights

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Prisma SD-WAN
Application Insights

Let us learn more about the Applications dashboard for
Prisma SD-WAN
Identifies the top applications which are not performing well. The
widget displays the determined health score of all poor applications, lists poor applications for a tenant based on health score, and plots the average health score of poor applications for the last 3 hours in 5 minutes intervals.
Monitor > Applications
to view the Applications screen.
  • Application Health Distribution—The distribution of
    , and
    Applications for a given tenant.
  • Application Health Distribution Over Time—The Time series graph of Application Health Distribution Over Time displays the
    , and
    Applications for a given tenant. The time-series graph should be computed and refreshed based on the selected duration. For example, supported durations are 1 hour, 3 hours, one day, seven days, 30 days, and 90 days and the interval is 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, and one day, respectively.
  • Applications—The Applications list/table list all the Applications details such as Name, Application Profile, Health Score, Impacted Sites, Traffic Volume, Init/Failure, and Transaction/Failure. When you click the Application Name, you can see the individual App Details on a new page.
You can view TCP Application Health Distribution Over Time and Application Health Distribution only with WCR license.
You can click on the
Time Series
chart to see the details of those applications in the
TCP Apps
tab. Then, when drilling down on the chart, click on the
icon (on the top right corner of the
TCP Application Health Distribution Over Time
chart). You can always return to the original view per global filters by clicking on the reset icon. In addition, the screen shows the message at which date and time you are viewing the details.
The application's health score is assessed per path, focusing on metrics such as application RTT and packet loss. Among these metrics, RTT is predominant in determining the health score. Additionally, packet loss within the path can impact the application's performance, enhancing the accuracy of our health evaluation.
Click on the number under the
column from the application details to see path-level information, which leads to the
Path Detail
page. The
Path Detail
page includes information for
Application Health Score
for Application and Site and Statistics Data aggregated at the Application and Site level.
You can view detailed information by clicking on
App Details
Links Details
links, which will lead you to the Activity chart in a new browser tab.

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