: Bandwidth Utilization
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Bandwidth Utilization

Displays the amount of bandwidth utilized on a trail in a CloudGenix network.
Bandwidth Utilization
chart displays the amount of bandwidth utilized on a trail in a network. Use the chart to identify WAN congestion in a network that may hinder application performance. It is a visual representation of bandwidth spike, total bandwidth consumed by a particular site, and the application; if the upload is in ingress or egress direction.
Move your cursor in the Bandwidth Utilization chart to get a more granular view of the bandwidth utilization with an application or time-stamp. Typically, the apps are listed in order of their bandwidth utilization.
The chart displays the bandwidth consumed over time. The
view provides granular per minute data, and the
picture shows data every 5 minutes. The 1D chart data averages above 5 minutes for each sample. If utilization sustains above 5 minutes, you can see the corresponding peak utilization in both charts.
to view and narrow down the traffic by a circuit path such as the
Private WAN
The broken line indicates the configured bandwidth for the selected circuit.

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