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Add a Tenant Through
Common Services

Learn about adding a tenant through
Common Services
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Cloud Manager
  • The
  • Strata Multitenant Cloud Manager
  • Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal
  • Commercial or FedRAMP deployments
  • IAM role of Superuser, Multitenant Superuser, Multitenant IAM Admin
After you create a tenant, you can allocate a supported product license to it or you can create a child tenant and allocate the license to it. Licenses are allocated per each child tenant that you need to manage.
If you are adding a tenant for the first time, you are automatically directed to
when you follow the license activation flow flow, in which case you can skip to the select a tenant step.
If you are not adding a tenant for the first time or you are otherwise not following the general flow, you can add a tenant from
You can create your tenant hierarchy to reflect your existing organizational structure. You can also consider identity and access inheritance when creating the hierarchy, in addition to tenant hierarchy limits.
  1. Use one of the various ways to access
    If you have a single tenant environment, you will see
    instead. The steps are basically the same.
  2. Select a tenant to be the parent of the child tenant you want to add.
  3. Select
    New Tenant
  4. Specify a
    for the child that is representative of its function and select a
    Business Vertical
    The Business Vertical is used for summarizing tenant network traffic information.
  5. Specify a
    Support Contact
    , such as an email address or a phone number of a person to contact for support purposes. The maximum character limit for the contact is 255.
    • Select
      Inherit from parent
      if the contact person is the same as the parent.
    • Select
      Use custom
      if the contact person is different from the parent.
  6. Add Tenant
    as a child of the current parent tenant in the tenant hierarchy.
  7. (
    ) Specify license and activation details for your product.

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