: dump device status

dump device status

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dump device status

Use the
dump device status
command to display the overall status of device, including device state, role, and HA state. The device state indicates if the device is claimed, assigned, revoked, or unassigned. The device role indicates if it is a branch or a data center device.
The HA State of the branch device, in the case of redundant configuration, displays as none, active, or standby, indicating:
  • None—When the site is in Monitor mode, the device is neither active nor on standby.
  • Active—When the device is in non-redundant configuration or is in redundant configuration and is currently Active.
  • Standby—When the device is in redundant configuration and is currently on Standby.
Active or Backup branch devices implies the number of active and backup branch devices currently handled by the data center device as part of a cluster.


dump device status



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
dump device info
Introduced in
Release 4.4.1


dump device status Device ID: 4212f970-1187-f625-9074-277d2ed52f9f Device Name: None Device State: Assigned Site State: active Device Role: HUB HA State: active

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