: dump dhcp-relay config

dump dhcp-relay config

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dump dhcp-relay config

Use the
dump dhcp-relay config
command to display the DHCP relay configuration. DHCP relay configuration is a part of interface configuration. A list of DHCP server IPs are displayed. A maximum of two DHCP servers are configured as part of DHCP relay configuration per interface.
DHCP relay supports four re-forwarding policies: keep, replace, append, and drop. The default value is replace. If option 82 is enabled, then those options are replaced at the DHCP relay. If option 82 is not enabled, incoming packets from other relays are forwarded without any modification. DHCP Relay can be configured only on branch ION devices.
By default, controller port is used as the source interface to reach the DHCP servers. If option 82 support is enabled on the DHCP relay, option 82 parameters are added to incoming DHCP requests from a client or another relay, before forwarding to the DHCP server.


dump dhcp-relay config



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
dump dhcprelay stat
config interface
Introduced in
Release 5.1.3


dump dhcp-relay config Name : controller 1 ID : 15476292791020179 DHCP Relay Enabled : true Server IPs : [] SourceInterface : 1 Option 82 Enabled : true Circuit ID : 200 Remote ID : 500 Reforwarding Policy : replace

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