: dump dhcp-server config

dump dhcp-server config

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dump dhcp-server config

Use the
dump dhcp-server config
command to display the DHCP server configuration. A DHCP server configuration includes up to 256 different subnets. Information displayed includes Subnet ID, DNS, Domain Names, Subnet IP address range, default lease time, and maximum lease time in seconds.
It also supports vendor class identifier (VCI) or option 60 for a DHCP Server. A DHCP client sends an option code 60 (VCI) in its communication with the DHCP server. On receiving option 60 or VCI, the DHCP server matches the received VCI with a VCI from its own table. It then returns a value corresponding to the VCI to the DHCP client. DHCP Servers is enabled and configured only on branch ION devices.


dump dhcp-server config



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
dump dhcp-server status
Introduced in
Release 5.1.3


dump dhcp-server config ID : 1677230916405018128 Address Family : ipv6 Subnet : 3001::/64 IP Ranges : 3001::10 to 3001::20 Default Lease Time : 43200 Max Lease Time : 86400 Custom Options : VCI : CGNXClient Option Definition : option vendor-encapsulated-option code 1 = string Option Value : option vendor-encapsulated-option "" Network Context ID : Disabled : false ID : 1678186343314004728 Address Family : ipv4 Subnet : Broadcast Address : Gateway : DNS Servers : [] Domain Name : IPV4.HELLO.COM IP Ranges : to Default Lease Time : 43200 Max Lease Time : 86400 Network Context ID : Disabled : false

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