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dump dpdk stats

Use the
dump dpdk stats
command to display details of the dpdk stats information.


dump dpdk stats



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
dump dpdk port status
Introduced in
Release 5.6.1


dump dpdk stats ==== interface stats: lo-vr0 port:65534 eth0-vr0 port:0 eth1-vr0 port:1 eth2-vr0 port:2 eth3-vr0 port:3 eth4-vr0 port:4 eth5-vr0 port:5 dummy0-vr0 port:65534 sl1-vr0 port:65534 mtap-vr0 port:65534 erspan0-vr0 port:65534 sl2-vr0 port:65534 veth1p-vr0 port:65534 veth1-vr0 port:65534 tap1-vr0 port:65534 fpn0-vr0 port:65534 fptun0-vr0 port:65534 veth-peer-p-vr0 port:65534 veth-peer-vr0 port:65534 ==== global stats: fp_dropped:45 fp_dropped_ipsec:43 fp_dropped_system:2 ==== exception stats: LocalBasicExceptions:2905149 LocalFPTunExceptions:203342 ExceptionByModule: fp_exception_ether:5811 fp_exception_ifnet:1 fp_exception_unknown_ifnet:22 fp_exception_ip:3101716 fp_exception_ipv6:25 fp_exception_netfilter:916 LocalExceptionClass: FPTUN_EXC_SP_FUNC:3107522 FPTUN_EXC_ETHER_DST:1 FPTUN_EXC_IP_DST:25 FPTUN_EXC_ICMP_NEEDED:4 FPTUN_EXC_NF_FUNC:916 LocalExceptionType: FPTUN_BASIC_EXCEPT:2905126 FPTUN_IPV4_IPSECDONE_INPUT_EXCEPT:203342 FPTUN_ETH_SP_OUTPUT_REQ:16 FPTUN_IPSEC_SP_OUTPUT_REQ:411739 ==== IPv4 stats: IpInReceives:43 IpInDelivers:3508475 IpDroppedIPsec:43 ==== arp stats: ==== IPv6 stats: ==== fp-vswitch stats: ==== IPsec stats: IpsecDroppedInError:43 IpsecDroppedInErrorDetailed: IpsecDroppedNoSA:23 IpsecDroppedInUdpEncapNoSA:20 ==== IPsec IPv6 stats: ==== VXLAN stats: ==== vlan stats: ==== bridge stats: ==== lag stats: ==== GRE stats: ==== ebtables stats: ==== pppoe stats:

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