: dump log-agent eal stats

dump log-agent eal stats

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dump log-agent eal stats

Use the
dump log-agent eal stats
command to view the log-agent cloud server statistics.


dump log-agent eal stats



Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
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Introduced in
Release 6.2.1


dump log-agent eal stats Summary of DPI client: Customer ID: 1640275471 Software Version: 6.2.1-a161 Serial Number: b9593e42-ec49-7fe6-9096-94992261f96b number of sdwan dpi logs: 64314 Summary of DPI parser 0 number of sdwan logs enqueued: 64314 number of sdwan logs dropped: 0 number of sdwan logs in queue: 0 number of eal logs generated: 64314 Summary of EAL log deliver 0 number of eal logs consumed(total): 64314 number of eal logs(ack) consumed: 64314 number of eal logs dropped: 0 number of eal logs in ack queue: 0 [0 bytes] number of eal logs in non-ack queue:0 [0 bytes] number of ingestion req sent(total):134540 number of ingestion req sent failed:149639 average ingestion req sending time: 0.00ms [max: 18ms] average eal life time on ION: 13111.56ms [max: 257068ms] average e2e time(ack, ion<->cdl): 0.00ms [max: 0ms] number of must-have req sent: 284179 number of must-have req re-sent: 248656 number of response received: 0 number of eal logs acked: 0 number of eal logs nacked: 0 number of eal logs(ack) errored: unauthenticated: 1128376 other: 195 number of non-ack logs reach cdl: 0 number of must-have req expired: 35519 number of must-have req no timer: 0 number of ack stream re-connected: 1128628 number of non-ack stream re-conn: 18577 Ack stream running state: S Non-ack stream running state: S grpc connection(ack) to cloud: true grpc connection(non-ack) to cloud: true eal drop rate in last 5 seconds: 0.00% sending rate of eal log(total): 0 per second sending rate of Ingestion req: 0 per second sending rate of req with ack: 0 per second ingestion response rate: 0 per second number of outgoing req with timeout 16 seconds[retry: 3]: 1 number of outgoing req with timeout 32 seconds[retry: 4]: 3 total un-acked ingestion requests: 4 Current Time: 2023-04-13 08:51:24.493888451 +0000 UTC m=+1129608.199599930

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