Monitor Tenant Applications Through the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal

Learn how to monitor tenant applications in the
Prisma SASE Multitenant Portal
If you activate a SASE license or a Prisma Access license for your tenant, you can view detailed reports on the applications seen by your Prisma Access tenants. To view this information, access the
Prisma™ SASE Multitenant Portal
and select
You can view the application information for a parent tenant, child tenants, and you can select a time range for which you want your reports to display.
The tenant
is displayed for your convenience. Select a region of your choice.
This page displays the following widgets:
Top Apps by Data
Displays the total amount of data transferred by all reported tenants over the reporting period. Also displays the amount of data transferred for each type of application as a percentage of the total amount of transferred data.
Risky Application Usage Trend
Displays a graph of the number of risky apps used over time. A risky app is an application that Palo Alto Networks identified as having a risk score of 3 or higher.
Tenant Applications
Displays details about applications seen per tenant. Includes information such as the percentage of unique applications blocked for each tenant and the total number of apps seen on non-standard ports. You can use the column picker to show and hide columns and to set their order in the display.
Also displays details about applications seen tenant by tenant including the following
  • Tenant name.
    Clicking on this link opens a single tenant dashboard as a shortcut alternative to view child tenant application details.
  • Business vertical designation that is assigned to this tenant.
  • Number of total unique apps blocked.
  • Number of total apps seen with non-standard ports.
Use the column picker to show and hide columns, and to set their order in the display.
Select a tenant to view details about the applications seen by that tenant.

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