: Activate a License for Multitenant Service Provider Backbone Through Common Services

Activate a License for Multitenant Service Provider Backbone Through Common Services

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Activate a License for Multitenant Service Provider Backbone Through
Common Services

Learn how to activate a multitenant service provider (sp) backbone through
Common Services
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access
  • Service Provider (SP) Backbone license
  • Email activation link
  • Role: Multitenant Superuser or Superuser
Service Provider (SP) Backbones enable service providers to offer granular
Prisma Access
egress traffic routes to their customers. Verify if this activation process applies to you.
SP Backbone activation can be done only at the top-most, root-level, parent tenant. Only one backbone license can be claimed per root tenant. The first step is to create a backbone configuration. After creating the backbone configuration, you can activate the license at the root level of your tenant hierarchy. After that is done, subtenants can be activated to use the backbone that is set up.
The following steps assume that you have already added tenants to create a multitenant hierarchy and created a backbone configuration.
After you receive an email from Palo Alto Networks identifying the Service Provider (SP) Backbone license you are activating, click the email link to begin the activation process.
  1. Select
    Get Started with Service Provider Backbone
    in your email.
  2. You are automatically directed to
    Common Services
    Subscription & Add-ons
    , where you activate the subscription for your product.
  3. Select an existing top-most, root-level, parent
  4. Select the
    Customer Support Account
    for the tenant.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions
    , and
  6. Common Services
    Tenant Management
    displays the status of the activation, such as
  7. After the status is
    , you can activate a cloud-managed
    Prisma Access
    license for any tenant in the multitenant hierarchy and assign the SP Backbone to it.
  8. For Add SP Interconnect to Tenant, select one of the following:
    • Use
      Prisma Access
      to use
      Prisma Access
      for egress traffic. This uses public cloud providers for network backbone, such as: GCP, AWS, Azure.
    • Use Service Provider backbone
      to use internet service provider backbones for
      Prisma Access
      egress traffic, such as: BT, Orange, AT&T. Choose one of the backbones that you configured.
  9. If you selected to use a Service Provider backbone, you can
    Set Region Exceptions
    to exclude internet service provider backbones in these regions. The excluded regions use
    Prisma Access
    for network backbone instead.
  10. Save
  11. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  12. (
    ) Manage and monitor your service provider backbones and connections.

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