Welcome to the GlobalProtect TechDocs homepage! GlobalProtect enables you to use Palo Alto Networks next-gen firewalls or Prisma Access to secure your mobile workforce.    

What's New

June 21, 2023 GlobalProtect app version 6.0.7 released, adding support for FIPS/CC on Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints.
May 22, 2023 GlobalProtect app version 6.2 released on Windows and macOS with exciting new features such as Prisma Access support for explicit proxy in GlobalProtect, enhanced split tunneling, conditional connect, and more!
September 1, 2022 GlobalProtect app version 6.1 released on Windows and macOS with new features such as PAC URL deployment, end user notification of session logout, and advanced internal host detection.
February 22, 2022 GlobalProtect app version 6.0 released, with new features such as an improved user interface, SAML authentication with the Cloud Authentication Service, and security policy enforcement for inactive sessions.

GlobalProtect Best Practices

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