Host App Updates on a Web Server


Host App Updates on a Web Server

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Host App Updates on a Web Server

If a large number of your endpoints must install and/or update the GlobalProtect app software, consider hosting the GlobalProtect app software images on an external web server. This helps reduce the load on the firewall when users connect to and download the app.
  1. Download and activate the version of the GlobalProtect app that you plan to host on the web server to the firewall.
    Follow the steps for downloading and activating the app software on the firewall, as described in Host App Updates on the Portal.
  2. Download the GlobalProtect app software image that you want to host on your web server.
    Download the same image that you activated on the portal.
  3. Publish the software image files to your web server.
  4. Redirect end users to the web server.
    On the firewall hosting the portal, enter the following CLI commands in operational mode:
    set global-protect redirect on
    set global-protect redirect location
    is the path is the URL to the folder hosting the image (for example,
  5. Test the redirect.
    1. From a web browser, go to the following URL:
      https://<portal address or name>
      For example,
    2. On the portal login page, enter your user
      , and then click
      . After successful login, the portal should redirect you to the download.

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