End-of-Life (EoL)

App Interface Enhancements for iOS

GlobalProtect app 5.0 for iOS introduces app interface enhancements.
GlobalProtect app 5.0 for iOS endpoints introduce the following app interface enhancements:

Home Screen

The new mobile app interface introduces a more simple and user-friendly home screen that displays the GlobalProtect connection state and enables end users to connect to or disconnect from GlobalProtect. From the home screen, users can also view and modify GlobalProtect settings, view notifications, and change the gateway to which they are connected.
The GlobalProtect connection states include:
  • Connecting
  • Connected
  • Connected - Internal
  • Disconnecting
  • Not Connected (available only in On-Demand mode)
  • Connection Failed

Settings Menu

The new settings menu provides options to view and modify the following settings and connection information for the GlobalProtect app:
  • Settings
    —The Settings screen displays general information about the GlobalProtect connection (including the portal address and connection status) and enables users to
    the portal address. If users are connected to an external gateway, they can also tap the information ( ) icon to view additional details about their connection (including the network SSID and gateway IP address/FQDN).
  • Welcome
    —The Welcome screen displays the welcome message, as configured in the portal agent configuration (
    ). If you customize the welcome page, the GlobalProtect app displays the custom welcome message.
  • About
    —The About screen displays the version of GlobalProtect currently installed on the endpoint.
  • Help
    —The Help screen enables users to
    Send Logs
    to system administrators to troubleshoot errors on the endpoint. In order to
    Send Logs
    , users must have an active email account in their native iOS Mail app.
  • Refresh Connection
    —This option enables users to refresh the GlobalProtect connection.
    Refresh Connection
    is available only if you
    Enable Rediscover Network Option
    and set the
    Connect Method
    User-Logon (Always On)
    in the GlobalProtect portal agent configuration (
  • Sign Out
    —This option enables users to sign out of the GlobalProtect app.

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