Improved Connectivity Experience for the GlobalProtect App for Android and iOS

Software Support
: Starting with GlobalProtect™ app 6.0
OS Support
: Android and iOS
The GlobalProtect app 6.0 for Android and iOS endpoints is now enhanced to provide an improved connectivity experience. The GlobalProtect app can now provide informative connectivity error messages while the end user is connecting to the gateway. For example, consider the following scenarios:
  • The internet becomes unreachable before the GlobalProtect connection is established.
  • The end user’s password expires.
  • The endpoint or feature requires a GlobalProtect subscription license.
  • The maximum number of concurrent gateway users has been reached to access the gateway at the same time.
With the
Always On
connect method, the connection initiates automatically. The home screen displays
If end users try to tap the
icon, the home screen also now displays a disconnect message to prevent end users from disconnecting.

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