AIOps Plugin for Panorama

Learn about the AIOps Plugin for Panorama and what you need to get started.
Have you ever wished you could get a second opinion from a security expert that knows your organization’s security posture before pushing your policies? Connect
AIOps for NGFW
to your Panorama to validate your commits and know if a policy needs work before pushing it to your Panorama.
You’ll need these things to connect
AIOps for NGFW
to your Panorama and proactively enforce best practice checks:
  • An activated Premium
  • A Panorama with a device certificate installed.
  • The AIOps Plugin installed on your Panorama running PAN-OS 10.2.1 or above.
  • Device telemetry enabled on your Panorama.
  • A security policy rule that allows communication between Panorama and the FQDN that corresponds to your
    Cortex Data Lake
    host region:
    Americas (americas)
    Australia (au)
    Canada (ca)
    Europe (europe)
    FedRAMP (gov)
    Germany (de)
    India (in)
    Japan (jp)
    Singapore (sg)
    United Kingdom (uk)

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