Known Issues

Here are the known issues we’re working on for Cloud Managed Prisma Access.
Here are the known issues we’re working on for Cloud Managed Prisma Access (where you’re using the Prisma Access app as your management interface).
For questions on browser support, review this topic.
If you are you using Explicit Proxy for Mobile Users, you cannot use a Cloud Identity Engine for authentication. Configuring an authentication profile that has Cloud Identity Engine as the authentication method will result in an error, even if the profile is configured at the Shared configuration scope.
Sometimes after creating a custom certificate on the Certificate Management dashboard, when you go to view the certificate details, the details display as blank
To configure identity redistribution from a service connection to remote networks, configure settings for service connections one at a time and Push Config. Trying to configure settings for more than one service connection and then pushing the configuration to Prisma Access causes an error.
Adding a schedule to a QoS policy rule causes an error when you try to push the change to Prisma Access, and is not supported at this time.
Hit counts display as zero for anti-spyware overrides.
A profile's hit count is based on the security rule hits for that profile type. This means that, if you change the profile that a security rule uses, the profile hit count will include both the original profile hits and the new profile hits.
Right now, PingID is not supported for MFA, though it is currently listed as an MFA vendor option (
Identity and Access Services
MFA Servers
). PingID for MFA will be supported in an upcoming release.

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