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Monitor: Capacity Analyzer

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Monitor: Capacity Analyzer

Learn how to analyze and monitor your devices' resource capacity.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • NGFW (Managed by Strata Cloud Manager)
  • NGFW (Managed by PAN-OS or Panorama)
  • AIOps for NGFW Premium license (use the Strata Cloud Manager app)
Capacity Analyzer allows you to analyze and monitor your devices' resource capacity by keeping track of their metrics usage based on their model types. Capacity Analyzer provides the following benefits:
  • A comprehensive understanding of the existing metric utilization and the unutilized metric capacity up to the maximum limit.
  • A heatmap visualization that showcases metrics usage with respect to the hardware platforms in a single view and helps drill down into details.
  • The ability to plan for upgrading to higher capacity firewalls based on your specific needs.
Capacity Analyzer
feature is not supported for the VM Series firewalls.
Here’s a video that shows how to use the Capacity Analyzer feature:

The Capacity Analyzer is enhanced to support alerts that help you to anticipate resource consumption nearing its maximum capacity and trigger timely notifications. The Capacity Analyzer alerts are generated 3 months in advance identifying potential capacity bottlenecks. This helps you to plan configuration clean up or upsize NGFW capacities before they hit maximum usage and maintain system stability. See Premium Health Alerts for the list of supported Capacity alerts.
Capacity Analyzer groups the metrics based on the following types:
  • Configuration resource metrics such as NAT Policies and Address Objects.
  • System operational resource metrics such as CPU, memory, disks, and logs.
  • Traffic resource metrics such as decryption usage and session table utilization.
The heatmap shows metrics usage for every device. The darker color represents a higher utilization and the lighter color indicates a lower utilization. By default, the
Multicolor View
is selected. You can switch to the
Monochrome View
as well.
Here are the different ways in which you can use the Capacity Analyzer heatmap to obtain information about metric usage:
  • Hover your cursor on a metric block for a device to view a tooltip that provides the following details:
    • Name of the metric
    • Device model and list of devices
    • Device capacity range
  • Filter data using the following attributes:
    • Metric
      - Select one or more metrics that you want to view or search using the metric name.
    • Model
      - Select one or more device models or search using the model name.
    • Capacity
      - Select the capacity on the
      Capacity Filter
To learn more about how to use the Capacity Analyzer heatmap, see Analyze Metric Capacity.

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