Integrate IoT Security with AIMS

Integrate IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR with AIMS.
IoT Security integrates with AIMS (Asset Information Management System) from Phoenix Data Systems. You can periodically import device inventory from the AIMS database through XSOAR to IoT Security and manually forward security alerts and vulnerabilities as auto-generated work orders from IoT Security through XSOAR to AIMS.
AIMS can be deployed in the cloud or on premises, and IoT Security integrates with it through Cortex XSOAR in both cases. When AIMS is in the cloud, Cortex XSOAR communicates with it directly. When AIMS is on premises, Cortex XSOAR communicates with it through an on-premises XSOAR engine.
When importing device information from AIMS, AIMS provides the following device attributes:
  • MAC address and IP address (These are only used to match the other device attributes with the devices in IoT Security.)
  • Serial number
  • Department
  • Asset tag
  • Location
  • AET (application entity title; provided for DICOM devices)
  • Software version
When you send a work order from IoT Security to AIMS for a security alert or vulnerability, the device associated with the incident must already have an asset tag assigned to it. Otherwise, AIMS will be unable to find it in its database.
Integrating with AIMS requires the purchase and activation of a third-party integration add-on. The basic integration plan includes a license for three integration add-ons, one of which can be used for AIMS. The advanced plan includes a license for all supported third-party integrations.

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