Integrate IoT Security with Nuvolo

Integrate IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR with Nuvolo to send it medical IoT device data, usage, and security events.
IoT Security can coordinate efforts with the Nuvolo CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) to determine device inventory and respond to security events as they occur on the network. IoT Security periodically sends data about discovered medical IoT devices through Cortex XSOAR to Nuvolo to enhance its device inventory. You can also run bulk export jobs of medical IoT device data from IoT Security to Nuvolo and bulk import jobs to retrieve data from Nuvolo for medical IoT devices in the IoT Security inventory. In addition, when IoT Security raises an alert or detects a device vulnerability, an IoT Security administrator can send it as a security event through XSOAR to Nuvolo, which automatically converts it to a work order for the IT security team to investigate and remediate.
Integrating with Nuvolo requires the purchase and activation of a third-party integration add-on. The basic integration plan includes a license for three integration add-ons, one of which can be used for Nuvolo. The advanced plan includes a license for all supported third-party integrations.

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