Set up BlueCat for Integration

Set up BlueCat for IPAM integration with IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR.
These instructions are based on BlueCat Address Manager v9.4.0. IoT Security supports BlueCat Address Manager v9.1.0 and later.
When an XSOAR engine connects to a BlueCat Address Manager, it must authenticate itself by presenting a valid username and password belonging to a user account with API access and read-only privileges. It can either use an existing user account or one that you can create specifically for it.
  1. Log in to the BlueCat Address Manager with which you want Cortex XSOAR to connect.
  2. Select
    Users and Groups
    + (Add)
    and then enter the following:
    : Enter a username for the XSOAR engine to use when connecting to the BlueCat API.
    Confirm Password
    : Enter a password for the XSOAR engine to use.
    Email Address
    : Enter the email of the administrator who’s responsible for this user account.
    : (clear)
    Access Type
  3. Add

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