Release a Device from Quarantine Using Cisco ISE pxGrid

Remove devices from quarantine through the IoT Security integration with Cisco ISE pxGrid.
Removing a device from quarantine is the same procedure as putting it in quarantine except that you select the alert on the
Security Alerts
page and then click
Send to
Release via Cisco pxGrid
. This option is also available in the Action menu in the Risks and Alerts sections on the Device Details page.
IoT Security removes the device from the quarantine policy and sends ISE a command through Cortex XSOAR, the XSOAR engine, and pxGrid to reset authorization for the device. Cisco ISE sends another Disconnect-Request message to the switch, causing it to disconnect the device. This time when the device reconnects and requests network access, ISE does not find a policy match and accepts the device back onto the network, assigning it to its usual, unquarantined VLAN.

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