Set up Cisco Prime to Accept Connections from IoT Security

Set up Cisco Prime Infrastructure for integration with IoT Security through Cortex XSOAR.
Because an XSOAR engine only retrieves data from Cisco Prime Infrastructure—it doesn’t send any data to Cisco Prime—it requires a simple read-only user account. An XSOAR engine will use this account to log in to Cisco Prime and begin retrieving data.
The following instructions are based on Cisco Prime v3.2.0.
To create a new read-only user account:
  1. From the Cisco Prime Infrastructure interface, navigate to
    Users, Roles & AAA
  2. From the Select a command drop-down list, choose
    Add User
    and then click
  3. On the General tab, enter the following to create a read-only user account for an XSOAR engine to use when authenticating itself to Cisco Prime and then click
    : Enter a name for the read-only user.
    New Password
    Confirm Password
    : Enter the password associated with the username.
    NBI Read
    : (select)
  4. Either create additional read-only user accounts for other XSOAR engines to use when authenticating to Cisco Prime or configure them to use the same account.

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