: Set up QualysGuard Express for Integration

Set up QualysGuard Express for Integration

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Set up QualysGuard Express for Integration

Set up Qualys for integration with
IoT Security
Cortex XSOAR
It’s assumed that you’ve already set up one or more Qualys scanners and defined the assets you want to scan. If you want to add more assets, such as IoT devices that were not included in a previously defined inventory, do that in the Assets section by clicking
Add IPs for Scanning
To set up your Qualys VM instance to integrate with
IoT Security
Cortex XSOAR
, you must create a user account that allows XSOAR to access the Qualys API, and (optionally) add a custom options profile. Both tasks are explained in this section.
These instructions explain how to integrate
IoT Security
Cortex XSOAR
with QualysGuard Express v10.9.0.0-2. However, you can integrate
IoT Security
and XSOAR with any Qualys product that has vulnerability management.

User Account with API Access

  1. Ask your Qualys representative to enable the API for your account.
  2. Copy the Qualys URL.
    The URL you need to use is listed under Security Operations Center (SOC); for example, https://qualysguard.qg3.apps.qualys.com. Depending on your geographic region, this might be different. Copy the URL and save it for configuring the Qualys instance in the
    Cortex XSOAR
  3. Create a Qualys user account for XSOAR to use when connecting to Qualys.
    1. Enter the Vulnerability Management section and then click
      Manage User Accounts
    2. Create a Qualys user account by filling the required fields on the General Information tab.
    3. Click
      User Role
      , choose
      , and select
    4. Click
      , select
      Manage VM module
      , and then
      Qualys sends a welcome email to the user’s email address with a username and one-time link to obtain a password.
    5. After you create the new user account, check that it has enough storage space (200 MB) for generating vulnerability scan reports.
      To check, click
      Report Share
      . If the user limit range is less than 200 MB, enter
      (or higher) in the
      Up to ___ MB per user.
      field and then
    6. When you receive the email from Qualys and follow the link to set a new password, note the username in the email and the new password that you set.
      If you edit a user account and change the email address, Qualys won’t send another welcome email to the second address. To change the email address for an account and have Qualys send a welcome email to the new address, delete the first account and then create a new account with the second address.

Options Profile (Optional)

An options profile defines the type of vulnerability scan for the Qualys VM scanner to run. You can use the default profile or optionally create a new one.
  1. Click
    Option Profiles
    Option Profile
    , enter the following, and then
    Option Profile Title
    : Enter a title for the profile. (Note this name because you will enter it later in the
    IoT Security
    portal when defining the type of scan to run on a particular device.)
    : Define the parameters of the vulnerability scan.
    : Set information gathering preferences.
    : Enter additional settings for the scan such as which TCP and UDP ports to check to ensure a device is responsive before attempting a full scan.
  2. Repeat the previous step to create multiple option profiles.

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