Configuration Snapshots (Cloud Management)

Configuration snapshots give you a view into your configuration history: compare, load, and restore earlier configuration versions.
Configuration snapshots give you a view into your configuration history. When a configuration push has unintended security implications or an unexpected impact on traffic, you can recover by reverting to an earlier version. You can also compare configurations to see what’s changed across versions.
Go to the
dashboard to find configuration snapshots (
Service Setup
Config Version Snapshots
and restore, load, or compare versions.
Restoring a configuration version directly updates the running configuration (no need to
Push Config
to Prisma Access). Only the configuration settings within the scope of the original configuraiotn push (for example, mobile users or remote networks configurations) are restored.does not change the candidate configuration (the configuration that’s in progress and is saved). Restoring a configuration just updates the running configuration version.
Load an earlier version as your candidate configuration; make updates to the new candidate configuration and, when you’re ready,
Push Config
to Prisma Access.
See what’s changed from version to version.
Note that the configuration version number is incremental. For example, in the image here, if you restore configuration version 2, the GlobalProtect configuration version will change from 7 to 8 (it won’t show as 2).

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