Dashboard: SASE Health
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Dashboard: SASE Health

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Dashboard: SASE Health

This dashboard gives you an overview of the number of Mobile Users, Remote Sites, and Monitored Applications that are connected to Prisma Access in a map view.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access (Managed by Strata Cloud Manager)
  • Prisma Access (Managed by Panorama)
  • Prisma Access
  • ADEM Observability
    license to view the data for monitored applications

What does this dashboard show you?

This dashboard shows you the overall health of your Mobile Users, Remote Sites, and Applications (if you have purchased an
AI-Powered ADEM
license) that are currently connected to Prisma Access. The numbers in the circles represent the number of users or sites that are currently connected from the Prisma Access Location where they appear. A dot represents a single user or site. The areas on the map that have a blue background indicate that the numbers shown in that region are a prediction or forecast.
Filter the data shown in this dashboard with one or more of the following filters
  • the time range
  • Prisma Access Location
  • Source Location

How can you use the data from dashboard?

Use the dashboard to get an overview and overall health of how many Mobile Users and Remote Sites that are connected to Prisma Access categorized by their location on the map. You can view their overall health in this dashboard too.

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