Manage: SaaS Application Management

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Manage: SaaS Application Management

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Manage: SaaS Application Management

Prisma Access gives you simple, centralized management for your SaaS applications, including Microsoft 365 apps, Google apps, Dropbox, and YouTube.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Cloud Manager
  • Prisma Access
Prisma Access gives you simple, centralized management for your SaaS applications. For each of the apps listed on the
SaaS Application Management
dashboard—Microsoft 365 apps, Google apps, Dropbox, and YouTube—you’ll find features that you can use to safely enable the applications for enterprise use.
The EDL Hosting Service for Application Endpoint Management
SaaS providers publish lists of the IP addresses and URL endpoints their SaaS applications use, and frequently update these lists. Palo Alto Networks hosts these lists for you, and you can reference them in policy.
For Microsoft 365, you can subscribe to endpoint lists directly from Prisma Access Cloud Management (including optional and required lists). Sometimes, the EDL Hosting Service releases support for SaaS providers and endpoint list feeds that is not yet available directly in Prisma Access Cloud Management. To enforce policy for application endpoints from these SaaS providers—including Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Salesforce (SFDC) public endpoints, Microsoft Defender, Zoom, and GitHub—you can create an external dynamic list based on the feed URL.

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