Why can’t I log in to the ESM Console?

The Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) Console displays an error message that the username or password is invalid.
Possible Causes
  • The username or password was not entered correctly.
  • The user specified during the initial installation does not have DB Owner privileges.
  • The user was not added as an administrator.
  • The user who installed the server was not a local administrator on the server.
  1. Verify that you entered the correct username and password.
  2. Verify that the user has DB Owner privileges (see Configure the MS-SQL Server Database).
  3. Log in as an administrator and verify that the authentication mode is correct and that the user account appears on the User Management page. To add an administrative user, see Configure the Authentication Mode. Alternatively, you can add the administrator using the Database Configuration Tool (see Configure Administrative Access to the ESM Console Using the DB Configuration Tool).
  4. If you cannot log in as an administrator, reinstall the Endpoint Security Manager as a local administrator.
  5. Restart IIS: Click
    , type
    , and then click
  6. Verify that you can log in to the ESM Console using the account. If the problems persists, contact Palo Alto Networks support.

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