Install the PA-7080 Firewall EMI Filter

Learn how to install the PA-7080 firewall EMI filter.
The PA-7080 Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filter (PAN-PA-7080-EMI-FLTR) reduces EMI emissions and is required when you install the following hardware components:
If the PA-7080 firewall has a serial number greater than 10,000, or the PA-7080 was manufactured after March 2019, the built-in internal EMI filter is already installed and this external EMI filter is not required. Inspect the back vents to determine if the internal filter is installed.
  1. Slide the top tabs of the EMI filter into the top row of air vents on the back of the firewall and then lower the filter until it is flush with the chassis.
  2. Secure the filter to the chassis using the four captive screws (two screws on each side).

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