AIOps for NGFW

Find out how to access
AIOps for NGFW
If you purchased a Premium AIOps for NGFW subscription, find out how to activate your product here.
Activation requires the Account Administrator or App Administrator role.
  1. Log in to the hub with the tenant-centric view.
  2. Toggle
    View by Support Account
    off if you are in the Support Account view.
  3. Find
    AIOps for NGFW
    and select
  4. Complete the form.
    Select the tenant where the AIOps for NGFW instance will be activated. If you don’t have an existing tenant, select
    Create New
    Customer Support Account
    Your Customer Support Portal account ID.
    The deployment region and the region where your data logs are stored. See Regions for AIOps for NGFW.
    If AIOps for NGFW is the first application being activated for the selected tenant, then you need to populate these fields. Otherwise, they will be auto populated.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  6. AIOps for NGFW is ready after
  7. Associate devices to a tenant containing your AIOps for NGFW instance.
    You need to associate Panorama to the tenant containing AIOps for NGFW if you are onboarding Panorama-managed deployments.
    The devices that you associated with the tenant will be automatically added to AIOps for NGFW.
    • You can associate devices to a tenant at the beginning of activation if you already have an existing tenant.
    • You can remove device associations if, for example, you are retiring or returning a firewall or Panorama appliance, or if you want to associate it with another tenant service group (TSG).
  8. Log in to AIOps for NGFW by clicking on its icon in the hub.

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