Connect Cables to a PA-7000 Series Firewall

After you Connect Power to a PA-7000 Series Firewall, connect your management computer to the management port (MGT) on the firewall so you can begin the initial configuration. You can optionally connect your management computer to the console port, which provides a serial connection to the firewall and enables you to view the bootup messages and manage the firewall using the command line interface (CLI). Both the MGT and console ports are located on the Switch Management Card (SMC). You then configure the Network Processing Card (NPC) ports and then connect these ports to your switch or router.
If you install two matching firewalls in a high availability configuration, you will also connect HA cables between the two chassis (see HA Links and Backup Links).
The following images show the PA-7050 firewall and PA-7080 firewall cable connections. To install cable guides, see PA-7000 Series Firewall Equipment Rack Installation.

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