Install the PA-7050 Firewall in the Front-Mount Position

The following procedures describe how to install the PA-7050 firewall in a front-mount position. The chassis ships with the rack-mount brackets in the mid-mount position, so you will need to move the brackets to the front-mount position as described.
The PA-7050 chassis and the front slot cards (SMC, LPC or LFC, NPC) ship in separate boxes and it is recommended that you install the cards after you rack-mount the chassis. This will prevent any damage to the cards that could occur during rack mounting and will reduce the chassis weight. To further reduce the chassis weight, remove the fan trays and front power supplies.
  1. Move the brackets from the mid-mount position to the front-mount position. The brackets are in two sections on each side of the chassis (the front section and the back section).
    Remove the six screws on each side of the chassis where the two brackets come together in the mid-mount position and then remove 25 screws to remove each of the four brackets (two brackets on each side). There is a total of 112 bracket screws (56 on each side).
    Remove the front brackets (A and B) and back brackets (C and D) from the chassis. The back brackets (C and D) are not needed in this configuration.
    Swap the front brackets, so the rack mount screw holes are now on the front of the chassis. Use 25 screws to attach each bracket to the chassis in the front position. When swapping the brackets, rotate them 180 degrees so the screw holes line up and the rack mount holes are on the front of the chassis.
  2. (
    ) Install the front-mount cable management brackets using the six screws included with the bracket. In the front-mount installation, the cable management brackets install over the chassis rack mount bracket used to mount the chassis to the rack, so it is recommended that you install the cable management bracket before installing the chassis into the rack.
  3. Position the chassis into the rack using two or more people and if available, use a mechanical equipment lift.
  4. Align the mounting holes on the side of the chassis with holes in the rack rail, ensuring that the chassis is level.
  5. Attach the chassis brackets to the rack using the provided rack mount screws and tighten with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Install all four screws on each side of the chassis.

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