Install the PA-7080 Firewall in the Front-Mount Position

The following procedure describes how to install the PA-7080 firewall in a mid-mount position. Both rack‑mount bracket types (mid-mount and front-mount) are preinstalled. For a front-mount install, you must remove the mid-mount brackets.
The PA-7080 chassis and the front slot cards (SMC, LPC or LFC, NPC) ship in separate boxes and it is recommended that you install the cards after the chassis is rack mounted. This will prevent any damage to the cards that could occur during rack mounting and will reduce the weight of the chassis.
  1. Remove 16 screws from each mid-mount bracket (one left and one right) and then remove the brackets.
  2. (
    ) Install the upper and lower cable management brackets using the provided screws (8 upper bracket screws and 4 lower bracket screws). The upper bracket is designed for Ethernet cables and the console cable and the lower bracket is designed for fiber optic cables. To access the lower bracket screw holes, open the door located at the front of the bracket as shown in the image.
  3. Position the chassis into the rack using two or more people and if available, use a mechanical equipment lift.
  4. Align the rack-mount bracket mounting holes on each side of the chassis with the holes on the rack rail, ensuring that the chassis is level. Secure the chassis to the rack using eight rack‑mount screws (not included) on each side of the chassis and tighten with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

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