: PA-7050 Front Panel (AC)
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PA-7050 Front Panel (AC)

The following image shows the front panel of the PA-7050 firewall (with AC power supplies installed) and the table describes each front panel component.
Exhaust and intake fan trays (first-generation fan tray shown)
Provides ventilation and cooling for the chassis. While facing the front of the firewall, air enters from the left and exits to the right.
There are two PA-7050 fan tray models:
  • PA-7050-FAN
    —First-generation fan tray. These fan trays are interchangeable, so you can install them in either fan tray slot.
  • PA-7050-FANTRAY-L-A (left) and PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A (right)
    —Second-generation fan tray that provides more cooling capacity than the first-generation fan tray. While facing the front of the firewall, install PA-7050-FANTRAY-L-A on the left and the PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A on the right. The right fan tray also includes the air intake filter that slides into the fan tray. This fan tray is required when installing certain hardware components. For example, you must install this fan tray if you install a PA-7000 100G NPC. For more details, see the system and hardware requirements in PA-7000 Series Firewall Module and Interface Card Information.
During normal operation, the Power LED on the fan tray is green and the Fault LED is off. If an individual fan fails on the fan tray, the Power LED turns off and the Fault LED turns red.
For information on replacing a fan tray, see Replace a PA-7050 Fan Tray.
Switch Management Card (SMC) (first-generation SMC shown)
Provides management access to the chassis using a serial console cable connected to the Console port or an RJ-45 cable connected to the management (MGT) port. The SMC also has high availability (HA) ports and LED indicators that provide information on various chassis components. The SMC also stores PAN-OS, the configuration, and management logs (
, and
One SMC is required to operate the chassis and on a PA-7050 firewall, it must be installed in slot 4. You cannot install an SMC into any other slot.
The SMC-B is shipped with four copper 1G transceivers for use in the MGT-A, MGT-B, HA1-A, and HA1-B ports. You can use these or replace them with a transceiver of your choice.
There are two PA-7050 SMC models as described in PA-7000 Series Firewall Switch Management Cards (SMCs).
The PAN-OS® software is preinstalled on the embedded solid-state drive (SSD) on the SMC.
Air filter
Filters air entering the chassis. Periodically inspect the filter to ensure it is clean. The filter is not designed to be cleaned and it is recommended that you replace it every six months (depending on the environment).
If the firewall has the second-generation fan trays installed (PA-7050-FANTRAY-L-A on the left and the PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A), the air filter is inserted into the right fan tray (PA-7050-FANTRAY-R-A).
Network Processing Card (NPC) or Data Processing Card (DPC)
Network Processing Card (NPC)
Provides network connectivity. On a PA-7050 firewall, you can install up to six NPCs (in slots 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and/or 7). You must have at least one NPC installed before the firewall can process network traffic.
Data Processing Card
PAN-OS versions 10.0 and later
Improves the processing capacity of the chassis and other installed cards. On a PA-7050 firewall, you can install up to five DPCs (in slots 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, or 7). Since the DPC does not have any interfaces, at least one NPC is still required for the chassis to process network activity.
Log card
(LPC shown)
There are two log card models that you can install:
  • LFC
    PAN-OS 9.0 or later
    )—High-speed log forwarding card that forwards all dataplane logs to an external log collection system, such as Panorama or a syslog server. The only logs that are stored locally are the
    , and
    logs; these logs are stored on the SMC.
  • LPC
    —Manages and stores all dataplane logs generated by the firewall. The LPC contains four disk drives that are configured in two separate RAID1 pairs to provide redundancy. Each drive is installed in an Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC), which physically connects the drive to the LPC. When replacing a drive, the AMC and drives are ordered and installed as one unit.
You must have one LFC or LPC installed in slot 8 for chassis operation. You cannot install an LFC or LPC into any other slot.
For more information, see PA-7000 Series Firewall Log Cards.
AC power supplies
Provides power to the chassis using an AC power source.
For information on connecting power, see Connect Power to a PA-7000 Series Firewall.
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) ports
Provides a grounding point that you use when removing or installing chassis components. Secure the provided wrist strap end of the ESD strap around your wrist and plug the other end into one of the ESD ports.

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