: PA-7080 Back Panel (AC)
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PA-7080 Back Panel (AC)

The following image shows the back panel of the PA-7080 firewall (with AC power supplies installed) and the table describes each back panel component.
Exhaust vent
Provides air circulation for chassis cooling. Do not obstruct this vent.
Ground stud
Two-post stud used to ground the chassis to earth ground. Use the provided 6 AWG two‑post ground lug to connect a grounded cable (not included) to the two‑post stud.
Power Entry Module (PEM) AC power inlets
Connects the power source to the power supplies located on the front of the chassis. The front power supplies distribute power to all chassis components.
The AC PEM contains four 20-amp AC power inlets—each accompanied by a switch—one pair, inlet with switch, for each power supply.
If you are facing the back of the chassis, the inlet and switch on the far left side provides power to the power supply on the far right side when facing the front of the chassis.
The AC PEMs are not field-serviceable.
Power Entry Module (PEM) AC power switches
Provides switches to power on or off the AC power supplies. Each switch has a circuit breaker that will trip if the load reaches 25-amps.

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