PA-7000 Series Firewall Log Cards

Lean about the PA-7000 Series firewall log cards.
The PA-7000 Series firewalls support two log card models: the Log Processing Card (LPC) and the Log Forwarding Card (LFC). The difference between the LPC and the LFC is that the LPC stores logs locally and forward logs; the LFC is a high-speed forwarding card that forwards all dataplane logs to one or more external systems, such as Panorama or a syslog server.
A first-generation logging card (PA-7000-LPC) must be paired with a first-generation switch management card (PA-7050-SMC or PA-7080-SMC). Similarly, a second-generation logging card (PA-7000-LFC-A) must be paired with a second-generation switch management card (PA-7050-SMC-B or PA-7080-SMC-B).

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