PA-7000 Series Firewall Log Forwarding Card (LFC)

Lean about the PA-7000 Series firewall Log Forwarding Card (LFC).
The Log Forwarding Card (LFC) is a high-performance log card that forwards all dataplane logs (traffic and threat for example) from the firewall to one or more external logging systems, such as Panorama or a syslog server. Because the dataplane logs are no longer available on the local firewall, the
tab is removed from the management web interface and
Monitor > Logs
contain only management logs (
, and
There is one LFC model used for both the PA-7050 and PA-7080 firewalls. On the PA-7050 firewall, you must install the LFC in slot 8 and on the PA-7080 firewall you must install the LFC in slot 7.
The LFC is only compatible with the SMC-B. When installing an LFC, you must replace the SMC with a SMC-B.
The LFC does not support log forwarding on subinterfaces.
Use the following topics to learn about system and hardware requirements, descriptions of the LFC components, and how to interpret the LEDs.

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